Alien Abduction Room
Humans are funny and space travel takes time, so this is one of the ways aliens amuse themselves.
You can also play with the abducted humans, just move your cursor over and around them.
(You may have to click first if your using windows, then slide your cursor around them.)

Actually it's rumored that Elvis and Marilyn Monroe were saved, or abducted, at the last minute by aliens and replaced by
clones. They're in another room called the Iconic Room. We're hoping to get access to that room soon.

Check out the 4 abducted people below,if your would like to order custom animations like these containing your co-workers,
boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Send me an e-mail - Roz


Soon you'll be able to send these as e-cards, order Custom Animations for your website, send to friends.
Custom scenes can also be made and people can be added from photos.

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