Here's something from a very good friend of UFOnies:

This watercolor cartoon was done by my favorite artist Marty Macaluso you can see more of his work throughout my blog and at: he's a frequent contributor to this website, check back soon, we have some interesting surprises in store for you.

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Here's a story from an Australian bloke:

Hello Folks,

Here is information you can take with a grain of salt or accept it as the truth , all I can say it is true !!!!

I turn 75 yrs of age next May 2010, how about that. I was 14 yrs of age when I was about 4 or 5 feet away from live Aliens in their UFO, as they landed beside a lamp post in the State of Victoria Australia one evening, and I looked amazed for some four to five minutes, in company with my school mate. We both were on bicycles, and we got off them & stared at this unusual sighting that was lit up very bright, but made no noise. You could describe it as a type of clear plastic bubble or balloon, no color. From that date onwards, until my firend died a few years ago, we NEVER told anyone, not even our parents, and soon after that experience, within one week or so, the Roswell incident happened in the USA, where two aliens were in a UFO that crashed and one was killed, and the other shot dead by the Air Force Police. A story the USA denies. Many years later one of those Air Force guys wrote a book on this matter, disclosing what happened. In 1947 I saw two Aliens in a UFO there is no doubt what I saw for several minutes, was indeed very odd, and strange. Days later people in Australia were calling out that they had seen UFO`s in the Sky, but my schoolmate and I said NOTHING. Paper reports, etc. I heard people talking about UFO`s over the years, but really speaking, when they blabber on I can honestly say they are not telling the truth, well not according to my experience. Interesting isn't it ?

Take care, JK

Well, since this took place in Australia, also known as Oz,
I think what he and his friend saw was more like the coming of Glenda, the good witch.
How tall are you JK?

Review of James Cameron's Avatar:

This movie is great, the 3-D and CG wrap you right into this other world. That's basically what you hear from everyone, and it really was a great movie. While watching it though I couldn't help to notice how many bits of pop culture he borrowed and strung together to tell this tale, here's a few. It really seems to combine parts of The Martix - the sleeping part to go into the other world, Pocahontas - the Grandma Willow Tree stuff and what I thought was most prominent was the entire look and feel of the alien world. Does anyone remember an artist named Roger Dean, he did the album covers for the group YES in the seventies. He had dragons and chunks of floating land. I sat through the credits at the end to see if there was any mention of Roger Dean, I didn't notice any. Actually the Space Golf illustration at the top of this page was kind of inspired by Roger too, the floating patch of Earth with the golf hole in it.

This is something that happend all the time in the art field, whether it's architecture, advertising, cartooning, music, movies, etc. Another good example of this can be found in an old Twilight Zone episode called "Little Lost Girl", look it up and see if it reminds you of another famous movie done years later - Poltergeist.

Hey anythings possible, has anyone seen Roger Dean lately, maybe he changed his name over the years to something like... James Cameron, has anyone ever seen them together?.

- by Roger Cameron and/or James Dean:)

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